Welcome to my Design Portfolio


This is page includes my design portfolio, which are part of my final project at Cavendish College, UK (2008-2010). A description of my final project is provided below.

Thesis Description


The title of my final project submitted for the last degree program I attended (Interior Design) at Cavendish College, London, UK (2008-2010) was: “Home Interior Design, Arabian Style”, in which it featured detailed design of an Arabian architectural style, textures, color schemes, and contrast combinations. In this work I was involved in a real-life interior design work of a two-level (595+739 square meters) Arabian mansion. I have so far been working on a number of interior design projects dealing with the Middle Eastern styles (e.g., Arabian and Persian). I am hoping that working under a the supervison of a similar research interests would give me this chance to consider the Western style and capture the main essence and differences and frame them into a new research activity leading to the completion of my master thesis.